Korean rock comes to Istanbul

By Korea.net Honorary Reporter Sinem Betul
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Until now, many Korean celebrities have come to Turkey for lots of events, such as photo shoots, meeting fans or song contests. However, Five Treasure Island — which goes by the moniker F.T. Island — is now the first Korean group to come to Turkey to give an official concert. Indeed, it wasn’t the first time for the members to be here. They were part of the Music Bank Concert that was organized within the Gyeongju Istanbul Expo in 2013.
This time, they came to Istanbul as a part of the 2017 F.T. Island Live in Europe tour. The tour started on Oct. 20, 2017 in Moscow and finished in Turkey. On Oct. 28, the members arrived in Istanbul from Paris and were greeted by their excited fans. Turkish media were bemused by the fans’ interest in the Korean group, and reported on the group’s growing popularity. 
F.T. Island performed in Istanbul on Oct. 28, one day before Turkey’s yearly Republic Day. Thousands of fans celebrated this event while singing along with F.T. Island. Unfortunately, the group that made so many people’s wishes come true had to return to Korea the next day. (Home Sweet Home)
You can see their arrival in Istanbul here.
F.T. Island is a five member rock band founded in 2007 by FNC Entertainment. They debuted in Korea with the song “Love Sick” on the TV show “M Countdown.” They’re also very popular in Japan. The group’s first album in 2007 was “Cheerful Sensibility” and its most recent studio album, released last year, was “Over 10 Years.” I offer my best wishes and praises for F.T. Island, which has won many awards in its career up until now.