Korean medical tourism exhibition opens in Dubai

By Korea.net Honorary Reporters Salwa Elzeny and Nagwan Amer
Photos = Korea Tourism Organization
Medical tourism is a type of tourism where people travel for the purpose of obtaining treatment or surgery in another part of the world.
Medical tourism to Korea is constantly increasing and being chosen by many patients because of the high-quality of its doctors and hospitals, its range of treatments on offer, and its comparatively low prices.
The most common procedures are cosmetic plastic surgery, including teeth, laser eye surgery and skin care. Korea is also the best place in the world to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, spinal columns or organ transplants. High-tech medical services are combined with biotech and advanced IT, delivering outstanding results.
Over the past 20 years, Korea’s medical industry has increased dramatically, competing with its industrial and economic progress across many areas. Medical tourism and industrial medicine companies in Korea have cooperated on providing the highest-quality tech in many fields.
Korea’s medical tourism has been ranked among the top 10 countries in the world. Korea is the best East Asian country in the medical field.
Here, you can find the websites of the medical tourism promotional bureau in Korea, from which you can learn everything you want to learn about it, available in many languages. Here are the links for the Arabic and English versions.
As an economy’s development is measured by its knowledge and its potential for progress, the Korean people’s average age range has risen to 51-82, which reflects the extent of medical care advancement and how much the Korean people make use of the offered medical services.
According to a survey conducted in 2016, Korea was in the fourth place among 55 countries around the world. While looking at the elements of the medical tourism industry that Korea has, there are no less than 50 hospitals and highly specialized centers, such as the Asan Medical Center, that is the largest hospital in Korea with around 11,000 patient visits per day. Also, highly specialized surgeries are common, like cardiac surgeries and organ transplants. In 2015, that hospital came in first place for nine consecutive years in Korea as respected hospital. In addition to that, it publishes a lot of research and offers scholarships for non-Korean students. Also, it sends annual medical convoys to help developing economies, as the hospital management believes in the importance of social participation and community development.
It’s worth mentioning that Korea is the perfect destination for elective plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Accordingly, the Saudi-German hospital in Egypt invited the international expert Joon Pio Hong, a professor of plastic surgery at Ulsan University, to share with us his valuable knowledge.
The Korea National Tourism Organization held its Korea Medical & Wellness Travel Mart in Dubai on Sept. 22 and 23 at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City Hotel. Around 30 medical and art establishments participated in the event. For example, the AMC, SMC and others specialized in dental care. The event also provided workshops about traditional Korean medicine, arts and crafts, Korean food and a Hanbok fashion show.
Last but not least, I’d like to introduce my opinion about being a dentist. Korea, indeed, competes with the most advanced countries in terms of medical care in the U.S. or Germany. This event proved with no doubt that the use of virtual reality technology can be used in medicine, which left a huge impact on the audience and attendees. Having high tech intermingled with the medical industry makes Korea a highly qualified and recommended destination for those seeking therapy, relaxing or elective surgery.
Don’t hesitate! Come and visit Korea, the land of your dreams!