Korea Now show arrives in Cairo

Egypt and Korea have a strong relationship across many fields.
By Korea.net Honorary Reporter Nada Moustafa Ahmed
Photos = Nada Moustafa Ahmed
The Korea Now show started with an opening speech by the president of the Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST). He thanked the Korean ambassador to Egypt and said he was grateful that his university was invited to this special cultural event. He hoped that in the future his university could invite more such events that help to strengthen Egypt-Korea relations. There was a special speech by the Korean ambassador in Egypt. He expressed his happiness and pride in the Egypt-Korea relationship and said that he hoped that it would develop more across many fields, not just the arts but also education, business and more. He ended his speech by thanking the university for hosting this event.
The event started with a solo performance of each traditional Korean musical instrument. The gayageum (가야금), the haegeum (해금) and the janggu (장구) were all introduced to the Egyptian audience.
The aim of this event was to blend traditional Korean and Egyptian musical instruments. The Korean band that’s the “traditional music team” at Seoul University played with the Egyptian band Awtar. They performed some traditional Egyptian songs like “Amma Barawa,” and “El Helwa De.” They also played some traditional Korean songs, like “Arirang” and “Sinawi” using the traditional Egyptian musical instruments, such as the aud, an Egyptian flute, as well as a violin and a piano.
The audience was really impressed with the blending and harmony between the instruments and quite loved the show.
Traditional Egyptian and Korean musicians collaborate at the event.
Also at this event there was a performance by the Korean soprano Kim Yukyung. She amazed everyone with her unique voice, accompanied on the piano and on the Egyptian oud. She surprised the Egyptian audience with a special performance in Arabic that was really amazing and catchy.
Singer Kim Yukyung performs alongside an Egyptian oud and a piano.
At the end of the concert, the Korean ambassador and the university president honored each other and posed for photos. One of the guests was one of the most famous Egyptian maestros, Seliem Sahab. He expressed his admiration for the show and said that he quite enjoyed the music’s harmony, and that he hopes to see more like this in the future.
The Egyptian maestro Selim Sahab comes to the stage alongside the Korean ambassador in Egypt.
This was a really great show. I really enjoyed it, and I hope that I’ll see more like this here in Egypt in the future. I hope the show appears on stage in Korea, too, so that Korean audiences will be able to get to know traditional Egyptian musical instruments and enjoy the really enjoyable music.