Inner layout concept for mental illness rehabilitation

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Inner layout concept
Ilustration Room Layout

Inner layout concept for mental illness rehabilitation.
Supporting patient healing and recovery is a concept that will expressed by the rehabilitation unit building. In expressing the message, then buildings use things that are easily captured visually, such as building forms and layout. Then the inner space level as a form of element and a building can support patient recovery (see attachments 2-5. Internal spatial aspects), including:

• Proportion, can give a different impression to users, namely patient.
so that a monumental, familiar, shocked, or normal impression is a way to help
and support the occurrence of the perceived recovery process by patient .
Form, is a container that can be achieved in support of healing and
recovery of patients who are transformed into building forms that can
make a calm impression. dinamic, creative, strong, or familiar.

• Women, influence the expression of space and appearance of the building, because they are aware
or not (the feeling through the sense of sight) will cause psychological effects on
mental patients, so that in the use of colors can be adjusted to the conditions of the activity rehabilitation that cause uncomfortable, active or passive feelings.
• Texture, is a feeling of emotion whether conscious or not (Indra touch) to the result formed by a room, so the impression of rough texture attracts attention, threats. hard, active and soft texture impresses calm, comfortable, warm, and soft.

• Lighting, is an emotional feeling generated by an internal patient do activities, natural lighting can create a visual impression that avoids moody impression, artificial light impresses highlighting details and can help activities, and fast impressively saturated and annoyed.

• Ignorance, is a feeling that is quickly captured because it influences the atmosphere the room. Natural sensation is calm, safe and can deliver activities
familiar, warm and friendly, cool. artificial atmosphere quickly irritating and saturated.

Outer layout
Circulation is accessibility in reaching buildings. Circulation flow is rope bind building spaces or a row of inner and outer spaces into injection link so that the implementation of patient recovery activities can run well.

Mass composition
The pattern of mass composition is an arrangement in realizing space group organizations so that this is not the out and the demands of the activities that it accommodates. Existing demands ”
and the ease of user movement is a manifestation of smooth running
support rehabilitation and recovery processes. So what I need to be ignored
Outer spatial planning is the amount of mass. You determine the amount of time needed;
1. Time of activities that are accommodated.
2. In accordance with the health services available at the Rehabilitation Unit.

Landscape elements
A landscape that is part of the site environment. There are two elements
landscape, namely hard element, in the form of a building, from soft elements in relation to function plant, locate the plants, purpose and landscape planning itself.

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