Healing and recovery of patients of Mental Illness

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Healing and recovery

Healing and recovery of patients of Mental Illness. Healing and recovery of patients is a condition experienced by mental patients by doing therapeutic activities or by doing various things gradual and thorough work training for rehabilitation recovery and recovery, with another word rehabilitation can be a normal normal method.

In this case the healing and recovery of patients cannot be separated from the characteristics rehabilitation because psychological effects and rehabilitant emotions are mental feelings very dependent and the level of burden of the disease. The patient’s sedan is rectal individual characters with different demands.

Because that’s the implementation official care follows each patient’s character. There is a great condition character and level of psychology:

a. intensive care
• His mental attitude is unstable, easily confused, due to stress, his behavior can endanger and disturb the surrounding environment, as well as a lot of silence.

(The psychological characteristics experienced by the patient depend and the condition of the disease).
• The attitude of his love is given an intensive defense to see the development of the patient in the isolation treatment room and with the approach familiar, calm. comfortable, and communicative so that rehabilitation feels cared for.

b. intermediate care
• The spirit is not harmful to the environment if it can communicate, calm, and like to do useful activities.
• The maintenance provided is rather loose, so the patient has allowed to go out of the room with the purpose of therapeutic treatment in order to be active well and restore the condition of patients who are suffering from it.

And the condition and mental level as stated above will have an effect
in the presence of spaces that are used to support the healing process and
recovery of patients with irrelevant psychological rehabilitation factors.

 Aspects that support patient healing and recovery
In the effort to recover mental patients, it is divided into two aspects
support the healing and recovery of patients, including physical and non-physical aspects.
Non-physical aspects
Non-physical aspects that support patient recovery and healing are all
business activities in the form of providing education that is useful by doing
a. Try to make as much communication as possible with the environment.
b. Establishment of the community by giving patients targeted activities. such as crafts, carpentry, and others.
c. Provide work that is easy and in accordance with the condition of the patient to the patient feel bored in doing activities, such as sweeping, mopping, and others.

The types of activities carried out by rehabilitans are:
a. Organo-biological psychiatric therapy / services (“maintance therapy”
with psychofarragic drugs, and others.).
b. Psychological therapy (individual psychology and group / family therapy). In this case there is group therapy (group therapy group psychotherapy), which is a psychotherapy which is carried out on a group of sufferers together by discussing.
c. Social therapy is: recreational therapy, art therapy, sports therapy, and others.
d. Physical therapy: physiotherapy. emotion therapy.

Physical aspects
The psychological and emotional effects of the patient are very sensitive mental feelings. It was treated by a mental patient, so that the existence of the spaces used was not released from psychological. This is a psychological consideration for patients who can support the process of healing and recovery of patients is:

a. Impressions from the workplace can provide an image as a place
Learn to works so that if the patient enters the workout room, it will immediately  to carry out available activities so that the activities are not fast
boring and annoying.

b. To create an atmosphere like this, then tools, materials and work
the facilities should be arranged in such a way as to be interesting for the work lesson
c. A calm, safe container atmosphere creates an atmosphere of recovery process.
d. Gives an impression of the patient’s visual openness and avoids the moody impression so that patient can be familiar with its environment.
e. Can provide activities in a friendly and friendly room.

Supporting patient healing and recovery is a concept that will
expressed by the rehabilitation unit building so that in transforming it in
buildings by using things that can be captured visually by humans. And
the explanation above, then patient recovery and recovery efforts through the patient’s character and the way to handle it and the aspects that encourage recovery of patient, are can improve the atmosphere of a quiet, comfortable and safe space in carrying out activities. familiar and open impressions enable to communicate, as well as an active and creative impression make patient happy to do rehabilitation activities.

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