Get to Korea on the cheap

By Honorary Reporter Nada Taher

Korea has become one of the best countries in so many areas, like technology and education. Day after day, a lot of people fall in love with Korea because of its TV shows, pop music, history, food, alphabet, or because of all the awesome places in Korea. Korea does its best to encourage tourism. That’s why the number of tourists increases year after year. A lot of students dream of visiting Korea, but most of them don’t have enough money to travel to Korea. Today, I’m going to tell you how you can come to Korea for free or at a very low cost. That’s not a joke. It’s real, so don’t be doubtful and read the following information. I’m 100 percent sure.

1. Scholarships

There are many government scholarships in Korea for non-Korean students. (Korea Student Aid Foundation)

If you are a student and want to study for your master’s or Ph.D., there are a lot of scholarships for which you can apply. Scholarships are divided into two types.
1) Fully funded. They will offer you accommodation, university tuition, transportation, a stipend and more, but the benefits are different from university to university.
2) Partially funded. In this case, you might have your university tuition and accommodation fully-funded, but you’d have to pay for your flight. It also depends on the university.
Now the question is, how you can find these opportunities. You can find them many ways.
— Follow websites that show scholarships, such as Study in Korea, Youth Opportunities, Oya Opportunities or Hey Success.
— Use your favorite search engine and type in “scholarships in Korea.”
— Follow the social media profiles of the universities that offer scholarships.
— Ask at the Korean Cultural Center in your country about scholarships and also follow them on social media.
**Every March, the Korean government announces its scholarships for master’s and Ph.D. programs.
2. Exchange programs or conferences

These will be either fully funded, partial funded or not funded at all.
— Exchange programs. These are programs in which Korean and non-Korean people can participate, to learn more about Korean heritage and society. Participants will get a good experience in terms of social life and education, and will also meet people from around the world and start to share their views and thoughts with them.
— Conferences. There will be a specific topic or issue that will be discussed, like pollution or IT, and participants will share their ideas and solutions with each other.
When you participate in such programs, you will be changed in a good way.
3. Contests

Winners of the Talk Talk Korea contest are invited to Korea as part of their prize. (Korean Culture and Information Service)
Korea holds a lot of contests to share itself with non-Koreans and to show how beautiful Korea is and to encourage them to visit Korea. Many of the contests provide a trip to Korea for the winners. You need to show your creativity to show how beautiful Korea can be. All you need to do to participate is as follows.
1) Follow the websites or social media profiles of the organizations that host the contests, so that you can learn more about them. 
2) Be creative. You should follow the social media profiles for Talk Talk Korea, Imagine Your Korea, GG Tour, Visit Seoul, How to Seoul and Seoul Korea.
3) Volunteer
Many people in Korea need your help. What does this mean? Many people need volunteers to help them with some work. In return, they’ll provide accommodations or food, or show you around the country. This all depends on the person, and on what they will provide the volunteers in return. For example, you could work a few hours, and the rest of the day you could enjoy your time by discovering more about Korea. You can discover volunteer work at websites like Workaway or Wwoof.
Finally, the things I mentioned above are not the only ways to visit Korea for free or at a low cost. There are many other ways. Always remember, “The hard search will provide you the best results.” Don’t get frustrated, even if you fail many times. Keep going and believe me: you will reach your dream of visiting Korea. I hope you’ll all be able to visit Korea as soon as possible. Best wishes!