10 Reasons to visit Korea

By Korea.ner Honorary Reporter Menna Allah Muhammad 
Photos = Adham Hamshary 
Adham Hamshary, an Egyptian tourist and blogger, makes advice videos for people who want to travel. He talks about how to get a certain country’s visa, to budgeting for a trip, and a lot more, too. He also posts videos of his own trips, which is fun. In a resent video, he talked about 10 reasons why you’d want to visit Korea.
1. TV shows and pop music
If you check social media on a daily basis, you’ve surely noticed fan pages and groups for Korean TV shows and pop music. People who change their profile pictures to show singers and actors, or who even change their names into Korean, are people who love Korea, without ever having visited the place. 
2. No visa
Everyone loves a country that has no tourist visa requirements, and Korea’s one of the best no-visa-is-required countries, not only for Egyptian citizens, but for many other countries, too.
3. Tech capital of the world

Korea is considered one of the most developed countries. Once you visit, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled into the future. That’s why Seoul is called the tech capital of the world. Also, Korea is home to many big international companies, like LG , Samsung, Kia and Hyundai. Walking around the streets of Seoul, you’ll find Wi-Fi covering almost every corner and the internet there is one of the fastest in the world .
4. It’s safe
Korea is one of the safest countries in the world for travelers and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.
5. Transportation
Korea has one of the best transportation networks, as the whole country is linked by buses, trains and subways for big cites, as well as international and domestic airports. All of these have websites and smartphone apps that anyone can use.
6.  Monuments, customs and traditions

Just as you fell that you’ve traveled to the future, you’ll also feel as if you’ve returned to the past. Korea is one of the most caring countries when it comes to its own history and it’s totally normal to find ancient buildings and skyscrapers right next to each other.
7.  Modern history
For anyone who’s into modern history, Korea’s modern history is rich, with events that are documented in its many great museums.
8.  Amazing nature
Talking a lot about the technology and history makes you think Korea has no nature, which isn’t true. Actually, hiking in the mountains is a common pastime there. Also, we can’t forget Jeju island, which is one the seven natural wonders of the world.
9.  Street food
Korea is famous for its street food. East Asian countries call it the capital of street food. This is because there’re many street food carts all across the city.  Also, Korean barbecue is the best barbecue ever, and let’s just not mention the yummy ice cream.
10.  The great Korean people
People there are friendly, respectable and love to help strangers. Also, they have a saying that says, “Work hard, play harder.” In the morning, everyone is working and at night parties go on non-stop.
Click here to see his video.